Plant Identification


post an unknown plant and see if others can provide a name

"Townsendia montana"

Submitted by Muggli on
I selected Townsendia montana from the 2019 seed exchange list. Early this year (2020) the plants that grew from this seed bloomed. They did not look in the least bit like T. montana to me, more like an Erigeron species/hybrid. I did not try to key it out but did look at photos of Erigeron species online and nothing seemed to match exactly.

Nevada wildlfower

Submitted by Osyany on

Kudos to Lori for her identification of Cycladenia humilis!  Encouraged by that, I am posting another stumper. 

Found in open desertish environment, east of Ely NV, May 1990.  Several knowledgeable persons have failed to come up with any

suggestion.  I will not mention my own tentative family associations, as I do not want to maybe falsely predispose people looking at this. 

This was the only time and place I had come across this plant.





Grassy-leaved, wiry-stemmed tufted plant

Submitted by Broekhuis on

This was one of the last photos I took of any plant in my Pennsylvania garden, before moving to Texas. Looks to be in caryophyllaceae, but it doesn't match any of the plants I had on record as growing in my rock garden - it may have been grown from mislabeled seed. I had various dianthus and saponarias in that general area. Seed almost certainly came from NARGS exchange, since that's where the bulk of my rock garden plants came from. Any ideas?

extremely dwarf Hemerocallis, late bloomer

Submitted by Parker on

I would love to share seed from this if I knew exactly what it was.  I am pretty sure I obtained a clump of seedlings at a local NARGS meeting, but my notes are failing me.  It blooms late, usually Aug-Sept.  This year it is warm enough that it is reblooming Oct 26! The plants are over 5 years old, so this seems to be the final size. The color is a clear lemon, the leaves are very narrow. My best guesses from species lists are either much too large or bloom much earlier.