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Orientation of a crevice garden

Submitted by jyang201 on Sat, 08/29/2015 - 14:58

Photos of crevice gardens show flat stones laid on edge to form roughly parallel lines. But how are the lines supposed to be oriented, so it looks more natural?

Our garden area is on a slope. Are the lines supposed to follow the contour of the hill, so they are horizontal? Or are they supposed to run from high to low?


Baffled by sand

Submitted by jyang201 on Wed, 08/12/2015 - 14:24

I'm amending garden soil and need to add "coarse, sharp sand"—but I don't know what measurement corresponds to "coarse." The local nurseries and home improvement centers sell sand, but they don't describe it by grain size.

Can somebody please provide me with a brand and product name of the right kind of sand? Or a picture of some sand grains next to a ruler?


Tropaeolum speciosa

Submitted by Mandeville on Fri, 07/03/2015 - 13:56

Am getting a good crop of seed from my T. speciosa this year. Would like to donate some to the NARGS seed exchange. 

Does anyone have suggestions on how to prepare the seed for donation? Do I take the "juicy" covering off or let dry with it on? Let dry? Keep moist? 



Posting photos to the plant gallery

Submitted by LSchmidt on Fri, 06/26/2015 - 10:10

Are there instructions anywhere which explain how to post photos to the plant gallery? 


It seems that it would involve editting an existing page with the new cultivar or new species name, and submitting the new photo, but I'm afraid to do that  since that might delete or modify the existing page.


Also, how about if I simply want to add another photo to a species that already has several photos attached to it?  How is that done/


Thanks for any help.

Seed trading through PlantLinks

Submitted by Broekhuis on Sat, 02/14/2015 - 15:21

I tend to have left-overs from my seed gathering efforts of the past season, as well as a some extras from society seed exchanges. When I was freshly addicted to gardening, I traded these seeds with great fervor, mostly using GardenWeb and word of mouth to find trading partners. Nowadays, I don't trade quite so much any more, but I still like to scout around for gardeners with interesting seeds on offer, and do some trading every year. So I was disappointed to see that the seed exchange lists at GardenWeb have disappeared, as part of their transition to earlier this year.

Importing plants into Canada - info needed

Submitted by tropicalgirl25… on Thu, 01/22/2015 - 16:29

Does any one got plant import permit from Canada. I  am visiting Japan in March and found out from a NARGS member that there is going to be a large alpine plant sale in Tokyo on 15th March.Please help me. I went to the site about getting the permit but confused.Do i have to get one permit for all plants bundled up as alpines or ornamentals or for each species or genus.I dont know what I am going to get till i go the venue