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Surplus seed round

Submitted by Broekhuis on
Hi all, For those needing some assistance wading through the lengthy seed list: as usual, I have put my online version up at . It may help you whittle down the list - I use it every time to make my own selections. In any case, happy seed-selecting and -starting :-) Rob note: I had no luck myself starting some of the seeds I submitted to this year's swap, so you may wish to stay away from them, even though they are still available: * Viguiera stenoloba * Maurandya antirrhiniflora * Turnera ulmifolia All others should be OK.

Stucco planters and troughs

Submitted by Kathleen Sayce on
Bill's article on how to make stucco planters and troughs was great. I am always looking for more ways to make planters and troughs. When working alone, I envision prepping several planters or troughs, and holding these until there are several ready to go. Then, in stage two, coating with the first compound, and then holding until there is a batch ready to coat with the final hypertufa material.

Fritillaria question

Submitted by rodlutes on

Has anyone seen this form of Fritillaria meleagris?  I have two clumps in my garden that have been there 7 or 8 years.  I don't remember planting them, but I do have the regular form around the garden.  This is as far as the flowers open, which in reality means they don't open at all.  They never set seed since they never get pollinated.

What do you see in your garden, 2018?

Submitted by Cockcroft on

The weather has been erratic, to say the least.  Two weeks ago we had graupel, then the temperature dipped to 22° with highs never reaching 40°.  Today it is in the 60s.  Poor plants don't know what to do.

Hepaticas have been in bloom for a while.  Primulas are just starting.  Pseudotrillium rivale in pots is waking up.  Erythronium albidum is the first to flower.

Terrestrial Orchid Germination

Submitted by harraseeketgardens on

We have received our Seed Order (thank you!) and have a few questions about the germination of certain Terrestrial Orchid Species. 
Our main concerns are with the techniques used to germinate various Cypripedium species. Specifically Cypripedium Kentuckiense, C. Parviflorum var pubescens, C. Reginae.  I've done a fair bit of research on the laboratory techniques, though have never attempted them myself.