Upload a Newsletter Issue

Active NARGS members now have the ability to upload a chapter newsletter issue and to create a page of uploaded issues.

For members who have the Chapter Newsletter role, the first issue can be uploaded via the Create Newsletter Issue Tab under Create Content on the left side of your user page.  Enter the Name of the Chapter from the drop down menu, the Name of the Newsletter, the Volume and Number.  In the Date box, enter the Month or Season, the Year and the Month of issue.  Next, upload the pdf file from your computer.  An image of the current issue can also be loaded.  Save your work at the bottom of the page.

The first issue will create a page to display the Newsletters from your chapter.  A menu link will be created at the bottom of your Local Chapter page that will take you to this page.  The issues are ordered by date and can be posted in any order.  A link to upload a new issue can be found at the top of the page.