How do I renew?

Fri, 2013-11-01 14:19 -- Ben Burr

Select "Renew" in the upper right hand corner.  If you are not logged in, you will be taken to a Login page.  Enter your username or e-mail address and password.  (Trouble logging in?  See the Login FAQ.) You will automatically be taken to your Membership Information page where you will find your membership information already entered.  On this page you can enter:
•    the number of years you wish to renew for
•    add an Additional Member username (see the Additional Member FAQ).
•    if you are the representative of an organization, you can enter the name of the organization here
•    change your postal address information
•    select your Local Chapter if you have not done so
Be sure to select Renew at the bottom of the page and you will be taken to Checkout where you will be asked to enter your billing and credit card information or indicate if you are paying by check or money order.  Be sure to select Renew Order.  You will be sent to a new page that will allow you to review the order before you confirm it.  You will be sent a confirmatory e-mail. Information about all of your NARGS orders can be viewed by selecting the Orders tab at the top of your User page.

If you are unable to renew on the website, please use this mail-in form.


Submitted by Sanguinetti on

There is no "renew" nin the upper right hand corner.