How do I join NARGS?

Wed, 2013-12-18 13:30 -- Ben Burr

Please select Login on the upper right of the screen, then the Join tab or use the Join box below the Rock Garden Quarterly section on the Home page.  Please do not use this route if you want to renew your membership (see How do I renew? below for instructions on renewing your membership).

If you already have a user account, please login first so that you will not have to create a new account.

Select the membership type; a description box will appear when you place your cursor over each membership type to help you decide which is best for you. If you do not already have a user account, you will be asked to select a username and enter your e-mail address as well as your first and last name, location (US/Canada or International) for calculating the correct fee, mailing address, phone number and additional information. Then select the Join button at the bottom of the page.

On the second page, unless you are registering an additional member on the same account, skip the first box.  If you selected a Household membership you should register the additional member now by typing that person's username in the box.  If it is in the database, it will come up below the box. Select that username and proceed.  If there is no username for the Additional member, select Create a New Account. It is important that you enter the additonal member information at this point; you cannot use the same username for the additional member as for the primary member.

Continue to the next page and fill in the billing information and your method of payment.  If you will be sending in a check or money order, please make the check out to NARGS and mail it to PO Box 18604, Raleigh, NC 27619-8604.  Visa/Mastercard payments are processed through PayPal; you may enter PayPal as a guest or use your PayPal account.
Select Review Order at the bottom of the page and if the details are correct select Submit Order.  An electronic receipt as well as a welcome message and further instructions will be sent to the e-mail address you have entered.

You are now free to login into and will be able to see Members-only content.  Directions for logging in may be found in the FAQ How do I login to

Should you wish to join by mail, you may use this mail-in form.  Please send a check on a US bank or International Money Order in US Dollars. Visa/Master Card are also accepted.

Please mail to:
Membership Director
Bobby J . Ward
PO BOX 18604
Raleigh, NC 27619-8604