How do I create a News Item?

Fri, 2013-11-22 20:20 -- Ben Burr

To create a News item, go to your user page and select the Create News Item tab on the left.  This page is similar to the Events page.  Enter Title, News Photo, which will appear with the title, or chapter logo if either are appropriate and, if this is a Chapter News Item, be sure to select your chapter so that the news item appears on your chapter page.  Enter the news item in the Body text box.  You can upload photos with Embedded Image. In the Categories and Tags box, check the appropriate Category and enter a Tag that will help search engines find this event.  Keep in mind that you want to be consistent from one event to the next so do not use, for example, sale one time and plant sale the next.  There is a wide range of acceptable choices for Tags.  Set the moderation state to "Needs Review" so that one of the system administrators can see the even and approve it for publication.  Be sure to Save your work at the bottom of the page.