Editing Local Chapter Pages

Wed, 2013-10-30 16:44 -- Anonymous

To edit a Local Chapter page you should have been granted update access by the Administrator.  Please contact the webmaster@nargs.org if you do not have access.  To edit your local chapter page, login to www.nargs.org and go to About Us > Local Chapters.  At your chapter page, select the Edit tab at the top of the page.

Chapter Image and Chapter Header Image: The Chapter Image is a for a logo.  If you enter it here it will appear in the upper left hand corner of the page, your chapter events and on the Local Chapters page next to the name of your chapter.  The Chapter Header will appear at the top of the page to the right of the logo if it is present.

If your chapter has an independent website, enter it under “Web site”.  The chapter Location has already been entered, but correct it if is in error.

The text editor box under Chapter Description is a WYSIWYG editor that produces HTML code.  You can look at and change the code at any time by toggling on the Source button, but this is normally unnecessary.  Entering and formatting text in this box is pretty much like using any word processor, each with their own peculiarities.  There are some useful tools here so do not hesitate to experiment.  The one thing to realize is that you cannot leave this page without first Saving your work with the Save tab at the bottom of the page.  You can, of course, always open another tab to look else where on the web while you work.

A word about images: For highest quality I recommend that you size your pictures prior to uploading them so that the largest dimension is 600 pixels.  You get better results with the .png rather than the .jpg format.  Be sure to fill in the Alt Text and panel after you unload the image.  Put your cursor in the text editor where you want to insert the image before hitting the insert button.  I recommend using the Automatic or Large options before you Insert, unless you know you want an small image.  The image size can be changed after it is inserted by clicking on the image and then grabbing one of the corners.  Alternatively, you can right click on the image and select Image Properties.  Here you can set the width and height pixels.  More importantly, at the bottom of this panel set the Alignment to go to the Right or Left border.  Back in the text box, if you click on the image, you can also center the image, as if it were text, using the Center text option on the menu bar at the top.

The Text Format beneath the text box should always be in Full HTML.  You can upload and insert text documents as well as images.  For Category, I always select People.

Officers do not need to be listed in the text box but can be entered in the Officers box.  This is a handy tool and makes contacting the officers easily without exposing their e-mail addresses (a practice that nargs.org discourages).  Enter the title of the first officer you want to list, President or Chair, and their name.  Then find this person’s username (assuming that they are NARGS members).  To do this, in another window or tab, go to About Us > Organization > Member lookup.  Type the person's name and when the search is completed find the username associated with that person at the bottom of the page.  Now back at the Officers form fill in the username, wait a moment while that name comes up in a confirmatory box below and click on it.  This provides a means of contacting the person from your page.  Hit the Add Another Item button to add the next officer, and so on.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, be sure to save your work.

Now we have to cover two more items: Chapter Events and Chapter News Items.  These will appear as summary items that can be expanded in columns on the right side of the page.

To create an Event either go to your User page by clicking on your username in the upper right of the screen and select the Create Event tab on the left side of the page or click on Events and hit the “Add a New Event” hyperlink. 

Enter a title and under Feature Image upload your chapter logo; if you do not, the default NARGS logo will appear.  Now enter the date information.  It is not necessary to enter the closing date.  However, to make this work properly the website needs to know your time zone.  If the times that are showing approximate your current time there is nothing to do.  You can reset your time zone by going back to your user page (click on your username in the upper right of the screen) and selecting the edit tab.  At the bottom of the Edit User page you will find Locale Settings.  Select your time zone.  Set the moderation state to "Needs Review" so that one of the system administrators can see the even and approve it for publication.  Be sure to Save the setting at the bottom of the page.

Use the Location text box to give the location details of the event.  There is another text box below for the Description of the event.  Beneath the Location text box it is important to select the event type.  Be sure to select all that apply.  Beneath this it is very important to select your chapter so that the event will also appear on your chapter page.  Now fill in the description.  You can upload pictures to this box.  In the Categories and Tags box, check the appropriate Category and enter a Tag that will help search engines find this event.  Keep in mind that you want to be consistent from one event to the next so do not use, for example, sale one time and plant sale the next.  There is a wide range of acceptable choices for Tags.  Again, be sure to Save your work at the bottom of the page.

To create a chapter News item, again go to your user page and select the Create News Item tab on the left.  This page is similar to the Events page.  Title, News Photo (chapter logo) and be sure to select your chapter so that the news item appears on your chapter page.  Enter the news item in the Body text box.  Again you can upload photos with Embedded Image.  Category and Tag as before.  Be sure to Save your work at the bottom of the page.