FAQ - Your Profile - 3. Forum Profile Information & Signature Block

Submitted by Mark McD on Tue, 10/19/2010 - 21:50

From the main NARGS Forum menu, click on PROFILE, go to Modify Profile on the left and click on Forum Profile Information.
This is the primary screen for editing your NARGS Forum identity and personal information.

Part 1: Your Personalized Picture or "Avatar" image.
One of the fun features of the NARGS Forum is the ability to upload a small photo of yourself, or other image of your choosing, that will display with all your message posts.  It gives a personal feel to forum discussions.  To include a Personalized Picture (referred to as an avatar) do the following (refer to Photo 1 below, click to enlarge it):

1   Ignore the first two options, choose "I will upload my own picture".  Initially the preview image will be blank, the image path field beneath it will also be blank.  

2.  Click on the Browse button.  Navigate to some folder location on your computer to select an image file.  It should be a small, cropped image file in one of three acceptable image file formats; .JPG (the most universal), .GIF, or .PNG.  Click on the file to highlight it, then click on OPEN... after successfully doing this, the file path and image name should appear in the field next to the Browse button.

3.  Personal Text:  this field allows you to input a word, phrase, or short sentence, that will appear under your Avatar image.  The field is optional and can be left blank.

4.  Jump to the bottom of the page and click on the Change Profile button to commit your changes.

Part 2: Edit your personal information and Signature Block.
There are a few options here, the most important of which is creating a Signature Block, which is highly recommended.  Let's go through the various options (refer to Photo 2 below):

Birthdate (optional):  If included, your age will display in your Profile.

Location (optional, but recommended): anything input here shows up on your basic Profile page when people view your profile.  This information is visible to all registered forumists. It is recommended that a generalized geographical location be given.

Gender (optional):

Instant Messaging addresses: leave blank

Custom Title (optional):  Whenever posting a message to the NARGS Forum, the upper left corner of your message displays your forum Username, Avatar image, and some basic statistics and information. If you enter a Custom Title, such as I have done by entering The Onion Man, this optional title displays under your Username in all posts.

Signature (recommended!):  The purpose of the signature block is to add pertinent member information useful to other participants while reading messages. Your signature block appears at the bottom of each NARGS Forum message you post. It is recommended to include your full name, otherwise participants might not know how to address you properly. Specifying generalized gardening location and climate information is especially encouraged, to foster more meaningful cultural information in forum dialogs. Please respect the diversity and neutrality of forumists from around the world and refrain from overly provocative expression in the signature block. Members may expand upon this guideline within limits, but images within signature blocks are not allowed.

Website Title and URL (optional):  if included, the Website Title shows up as a clickable link on your basic Profile page.

After making any changes to this page, click on the Change Profile button at the bottom of the page, to commit your changes.