FAQ - Your Profile - 1. What is visible to the internet

Submitted by Mark McD on Tue, 10/19/2010 - 19:59

From the main NARGS Forum menu, click the PROFILE option to see your personal profile information.  Other registered Forumists can also can view your profile, but other internet users or non-forumists cannot see your profile, it is private and secured. You have control over many of the options and information contained in your profile. Explore the Modify Profile options to manage your personal information and forum experience; several FAQs will cover the most important options to consider.

Only include information you want to be seen by other registered forumists.  For example, I have opted to include my age, many people opt NOT to show their age, it is up to you.  If other internet users or non-forumists try to view your profile, they'll get a message (see photo below) that warns them they cannot see it.

Reminder: Location information should be generic, giving only the rough geographical location, such as State or Province and Country, or specify a certain East-West-North-South area of a State or Province, or near a certain large city, etc.  A separate FAQ will talk about including your generic location information in your Profile Signature block, a highly recommended step to let other forumists get an idea about your climate, a useful aid when supplying plant culture information.