FAQ - Search - How to use the Search function

Submitted by Mark McD on Sun, 10/17/2010 - 08:08

The NARGS Forum is a cumulative database of information that can be searched to quickly find information you are looking for.  To use the Search function, do the following (see first photo):

1  On the main forum menu (upper left portion of the screen), click on the HOME button.
  *(to search the entire forum, you need to be at the HOME starting point, where all subjects are listed)

2  On the upper right side of the screen, enter your search keywords in the Search field.

3  Click the Search button.  
   In a few moments, a screen should appear with the Search results.


a.  When the search results page appears, for each item found, two links are displayed (see 2nd photo).  The topmost link of each pair will go to the very start of the Topic under which the information can be found.  If the Topic has more than 1 page, this link is not overly helpful. The second link under the main topic link is the one that goes directly to the actual message where the information can be found.  Typically, use the lower link in each paired search result, to go directly to the desired information.  

b.  On the search results page, the links are only apparent (becoming underlined) when moving the mouse cursor over them.

c.  If the Search function is used within a Topic, it is only searching within that topic, and is not searching the whole forum.