FAQ - Images - How to link images from the NARGS Image Gallery

Submitted by HughGmail on Sun, 02/07/2010 - 11:08

This topic assumes you are a member and have access to both the Image Gallery (IG) and the Forum

Login to the NARGS Wiki at http://nargs.org/nargswiki
Navigate to the Image Gallery
Find the image you would like to use in a forum post or reply.
Click on the Magnifying Glass
Go to the section entitled "You can include the image in an HTML page using one of these lines"
Copy the text between the quotation marks on one of the lines that starts with "<img src"   and ends with " />"

For example I want to use the Acantholimon acerosum image so I use this row;
<img src="http://nargs.org/nargswiki/show_image.php?name=Acantholimon acerosum" />

Copy this portion of the text http://nargs.org/nargswiki/show_image.php?name=Acantholimon acerosum - in other words, copy the text between the quotation marks but do not copy the quotation marks.

Now, go to the Forum, open a new topic, or reply, or modify an existing topic
Edit as you will, then at the point where you want to include the image, place your cursor.
Click on the image button in the collection of image buttons above (in my browser it is directly below the Italic button
Paste the copied text between the 'img' tags.

The image below was added using this method.  

More information on how to edit in the forum can be found at http://nargs.org/smf/index.php?action=help;page=post