FAQ - Images - Adding image names to the body of a post

Submitted by HughGmail on Tue, 08/24/2010 - 05:34

The search function is a great tool for users of the Forum.  This helps users to quickly find topics/posts that contain the searched string of characters in the body of the topic.  Unfortunately, the search function does not search the titles of attachments, including images.

A forum can be a great research tool and searching a forum can speed the discovery process.  Please try to remember to place the name of your attachments within the body of posts.  

Here is an example.  By placing the name of the plant in the image attached to this post you can quickly find it using the search function.  The name of the plant is Penstemon yampaensis and the photo was taken in the Brown's Park area of Colorado in June of 2010 by yours truly.  Having placed the plant name in the body as I have above is what we suggest. We have also seen forumists simply add a list of the names of the plants to the end of their posts.  Go ahead, try searching on the word 'yampaensis' to see the results; this post will be in the list!

Penstemon yampaensis, the image name is the digital camera default  (not preferred)
Penstemon yampaensis, the image name edited to indicate plant name (preferred), useful when posting more than one photo in a message.