FAQ - How to add Images to a post (attached style)

Submitted by Mark McD on Sun, 09/01/2013 - 06:56

This document describes how to upload images to your NARGS Forum posts.  There are two methods available. The first is to upload images as "Embedded Images", this is described in a separate FAQ. The second method, which is described in this FAQ, is to upload images as "Attached Images".  Using the "Image Attachments" method, your images are uploaded, they will appear below your text message only after the post is saved using the Save button at the bottom of the "Post New Reply" page.

Example:  I have three photos to upload to my post, all of the images will appear below my text message, in the order they are uploaded.  Here are the steps to achieve this:

a.  Hit "Reply" to a post you want to reply to, it opens a "Post New Reply" page. Add your text into the text window.

b.  Upload your 3 photos, using the "Image Attachments" option. The "Image Attachments" option is found below the
     "Embedded Images" option.  Let's upload the first Image Attachment:

      1)  Scroll below the active text window, click the Browse button under Image Attachments.
      2)  Navigate to your photo, select it, click Open, the file name should display, followed by an Upload button.
      3)  Click the Upload button.
      4)  After uploading the image, a thumbnail image appears.
           There is a Style field: leave it as "Colorbox medium".
      5)  Add the plant name to the Title field.
           Text entered in the Title field will act as pop-up "caption text" when mousing over the image; cool!
            *(this step is optional)

c.   For the second image, click the "Add a new file" that appears under the first Image Attachment thumbnail.
      -   repeat steps b.1-5

d.   For the third click the "Add a new file", repeat steps b.1-5. Add more images if you want, using these steps.

Tip1:  Add plant names to the body of your text message, so that they can be found in a Forum Search. Text added to the "Title" field of each uploaded image is useful for creating a dynamic caption to the image, however the field is not considered in a Forum Search.


When done with uploading Image Attachments, hit the Post button at the very bottom of the "Post New Reply" page, it will post your message.  Remember, you can Edit your own messages to make updates and corrections, if the message did not come out as you expect; use the Edit button at the bottom of your post.


[Edited 10-06-2013 - to indicate "Save" button renamed to "Post", to make it clear one is posting a message]


Submitted by deesen on Mon, 09/02/2013 - 12:49

Mark, many thanks for taking the time and trouble to do these, greatly appreciated.