Erythronium oregonum

Submitted by Lori S. on

Here are some photos taken this weekend at "the church of the lilies" in Metchosin, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island.  The dense drifts of Erythronium oregonum in the church graveyard made for a stunning sight!






Submitted by RickR on Mon, 03/30/2015 - 15:47

They seem to like lots of sun when they get lots of water. 


I guess the neighbors don't care much for them..... none in their yards.

I didn't take too much notice of what the neighbouring lots were used for... not residential, I don't think, but may be wrong.  Behind, there is a big field - don't know what it is used for.

By the way, this post from last spring just came to the fore because I corrected the name of the fawn lilies.  I thought they were Erythronium montanum previously, but just realized that they are actually E. oregonum (plain green leaves on E. montanum vs. variegated on E. oregonum). I just got back from a visit to Victoria and we went there again, so I was labelling my photos, and realized the error.  A really incredible sight.