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Hi all,

I grew a plant from seed that was supposed to be Alyssum aizoides, but looks more like an Erysimum. Does anyone recognize it? An interesting feature is that the stems were nodding when the plant was in bud (see third photo), but became straight as it came into bloom.

The plant is about a foot tall.

Incidentally, the plant in the foreground in the second and third photos is a definite Erysimum -- Erysimum pumilum, which I've had only a year but has been quite delightful.

Thanks for any help!




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Drat! The photos didn't appear. Trying again....

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I can now rule out Erysimum, because the seed pods are all wrong. Instead, they are ellipsoidal (fat ovals), like a Lesquerella. But the plant seems awfully big for a Lesquerella -- it's a foot tall. And most Lesquerellas seem to be gray-hairy. My plant has only scattered, appressed hairs.

Any ideas?

fruits of the mystery mustard

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That's it! That, or something very, very similar. Thank you, Claire!