Erigeron from seed

Submitted by deesen on Tue, 04/17/2012 - 05:28

I have seed of the following:-

ex compositus 'Rocky'
and gaudinii which I understand to be a European species.

Whats the best time of year to sow in the Northern hemisphere please, any other information appreciated?


Submitted by Peter George on Tue, 04/17/2012 - 06:15

These seeds will germinate quickly in warm weather. I'd simply pot them up, give them plenty of moisture and keep them warm. In one to two weeks you should see some germination. Very easy to get going in my experience. Wait for at least 2 months before either potting them on or planting them out.

Submitted by RickR on Tue, 04/17/2012 - 08:28

Dr. Deno's testing with Erigeron spp.:

70 = germinates at 70F
D- = dry stored seed
70D = germinates at 70F, requires darkness                                              70-40-70 = 3 months at 70F,then 3 months at 40F, then germinates at 70F

Species Germination
Erigeron alpinus D-70
Erigeron aurantiacus D-70
Erigeron compositus 70
Erigeron eatoni D-70
Erigeron elegantulus 70
Erigeron flabellifolius 70D
Erigeron flagellaris D-70
Erigeron flettii 70D
Erigeron flettii 70D
Erigeron flettii 70D
Erigeron fremonti D-70
Erigeron glabellus D-70
Erigeron leimoerus 70-40-70
Erigeron nanus D-70
Erigeron pinnatisectus D-70
Erigeron sp. 70
Erigeron speciosus D-70
Erigeron subtrinervis D-70
Erigeron trifidus D-70
Erigeron uniflorus D-70
Erigeron villarsii D-70