Early Spring in England

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A few pictures here from my visit a couple of weeks ago to Killerton House, a National trust property near Exeter in Devon South West England. There are a few more in the Cyclamen 2014 thread.

Given the horrible weather we have had so far this year I wasn't expecting a lot at Killerton. The garden is on a steep hillside and much of it is heavily wooded with specimen trees of many species including Camellias, Rhododendron, and Magnolias. The days before my visit had been back-to-back howling gales and virtually the whole of the most wooded parts of the garden were closed to the public because of fallen and dangerous trees. But the lower parts were in full display with Crocuses and Snowdrops to the fore and hillsides displaying Cyclamen repandum leaves which will be ready for flowering in the next few weeks.


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David, nice to see some green grass and flowers:

Here is my view at the moment! (And it is not England!  - just to show the contrast....)