Is this Draba norvegica?

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Only one of my plants grown from last year's seedex selection of Draba norvegica survived, and is now blooming. It doesn't look much like online photos of the species. Any thoughts as to what it is?




Submitted by Lori S. on Wed, 05/14/2014 - 21:08

Yikes, that kind of an ID is beyond me but here's a description in case it's helpful to you or someone else:

The structure of the teensy hairs on the leaves and of the seedpods are often used to distinguish species, from what I've read.


Thanks. Now I need a botanical dictionary :-).

Most photos of D. norvegica show flowers being held much higher above the foliage than on my plant. On the other hand, the efloras write-up calls the species highly variable (without specifying the nature of the variability). Hopefully someone who's grown a variety of drabas will swing by here and set me straight.

The flower stems on Brassicaceae often elongate through the flowering period... just something to throw into the mix.

I doubt that it is D. norvegica, it is not like the ones I have seen. I can't remember seeing anything quite like it either. Although the stem elongate after flowering the stem on your plant is too leafy.

Here are some links:

Submitted by Broekhuis on Fri, 05/16/2014 - 18:54

Thanks for the replies so far. I'll try to take another picture after the flowers have developed some more and seed formation is starting.