Cyclamen hederifolium 'Ian White' form

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I received seed for this cyclamen in the 2012 exchange.  I'm wondering about the history of 'Ian White' form.

Love the beautiful nice clear white flowers!  Thank you very much to donor # 9!


Submitted by Longma on Tue, 09/24/2013 - 12:59

A lovely, stylish, clean looking form Lockwood. Congratulations on growing such a beauty. cool


Sorry I can't help with the origin, but I hope I can grow something so nice one day, wink

Submitted by deesen on Thu, 09/26/2013 - 07:34


............  I'm wondering about the history of 'Ian White' form.


Yes, it is nice but I can't find anything about it in the Cyclamen literature I have. I'll try other avenues and report back.




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Re: Cyclamen hederifolium 'Ian White' form. I've just noticed that the form shown (by Lockwood-sorry don't have your given name) was grown from seed and therefore, in my view, can't really be described as "Ian White" form. Might be best to say it is "ex Ian White" form.

I have been in touch with a specialist Cyclamen grower who had this to say:-

"Ian White was an active member of The Cyclamen Society about 30 years ago. He shared his passions for cyclamen and cycling and eventually cycling took up all of his spare time. His selection, which bears his name, has long, arrow shaped leaves, with very good markings"

If you could post a picture of the leaves I'd be happy to re-post it to the specialist who still grows the selection for his point of view.


Thank you David for the information regarding my Cyclamen hederifolium "ex Ian White" form. 

Here is a photo of the newly emerged leaves.   Even at this small stage, they do already have very nice markings on arrow shaped leaves.  If needed, I can post another photo after the leaves are more developed.