FAQ - How to add Images to a post (embedded style)

Submitted by Mark McD on Sat, 08/31/2013 - 20:05


This document describes how to upload images to your NARGS Forum posts.  There are two methods available. The first is to upload images as "Embedded Images", then dynamically place those images within the body of your text message. Using this method, you'll actually see the image thumbnails positioned within your text message. The second method is to upload images as "attached images".  Using the "Image Attachments" method, the images will not appear within the body of your text, but will appear below your text message after the message is posted.

In these directions, we'll look at how to upload photo images as "Embedded Images".

Example:  I have three photos to upload to my post, I want two images to appear side by side, then followed with more text in a new paragraph, and then place a third image.  Here are the steps to achieve this:


a.  Hit "Reply" to a post you want to reply to, it opens a "Post New Reply" page. Add your text into the text window.

b.  Upload your 3 photos, using the "Embedded Images" option. Let's do the first image:

      1)  Scroll below the active text window, click the Browse button under Embedded Images.
      2)  Navigate to your photo, select it, click Open, the file name should display, followed by an Upload button.
      3)  Click the Upload button.
      4)  After uploading the image, a thumbnail image appears.
           There is a Style field: leave it as "Colorbox medium".  Next to it is a new "Insert button", don't click it yet!
      5)  Go back up to the text window. Place your cursor where you want the image to appear, leave it in the
            desired location.
      6)  Scroll down to Embedded Images, to the image just uploaded, add the plant name to the Title field.
            Text entered in the Title field will act as pop-up "caption text" when mousing over the image; cool!
            *(this step is optional)
      7)  Back at your uploaded image, click Insert.
      8)  Scroll up to the text window, you should now see the image in the text window where you placed it.

c.   For the second image, click the "Add a new file" that appears under the first embedded image thumbnail.
      -   repeat steps b.1-4
      -   move on to step #5, move the cursor to a new position.  For a side by side photo arrangement,
          I recommend placing the cursor at the lower right of the 1st image, hit spacebar a couple times to
          add some space between the images, and leave the cursor there.
      -  do steps 6-8.

d.  For the third image, click the "Add a new file" button and repeat steps b.1-4, place your cursor after the first two images and following text paragraph(s). Then do steps 6-8.

Tip1:  If you don't like the Image placement in the text window, click the image in the text window and hit Delete to delete the image from the text area, place your cursor where you want the image to be, then scroll back down to the uploaded embedded image, and click Insert button again, it'll be re-inserted to your new image position.

Tip2:  If you forget to add "caption text" to your image, or want to change it, to add a new or revised caption, go to the text window, highlight the image, and click Delete (it disappears), leave the cursor where it is.  Scroll back down to the same uploaded embedded image, add your new or revised caption to the Title field, then click Insert. The updated version of the image with new or revised caption text should appear in the text window.  Mouse over the image in the text window to see if a popup caption appears.  Save the changes.

Tip3:  Add plant names to the body of your text message, so that they can be found in a Forum Search. Text added to the "Title" field of each uploaded image is useful for creating a dynamic caption to the image, however the field is not considered in a Forum Search.

When done with uploading embedded images, and placing the images with captions, hit the Post button at the very bottom of the "Post New Reply" page, it will post your message.  Remember, you can Edit your own messages to make updates and corrections, if the message did not come out as you expect; use the Edit button at the bottom of your post.

[Edited 09-01-2013 with Tip #3]
[Edited 10-06-2013 - to indicate "Save" button renamed to "Post", to make it clear one is posting a message]


Submitted by Fermi on Wed, 12/04/2013 - 05:56

Hi Mark,

I'd been using these methods for embedding pics over the past few weeks but today for some reason when I hit the "insert" button nothing happened! Tried it a few times but "no deal"! Not sure why as I had been doing everything the same as I'd been doing the day before.

Have resorted to just attaching the images at the end of the post,




Submitted by Mark McD on Wed, 12/04/2013 - 06:41

In reply to by Fermi

Hi Fermi,

This is the first I've heard of such a problem.

I just tried an embedded image (the one you see here) and it worked fine.  Recommend fully closing and relaunching your browser and trying again. What browser and version are you using?



Submitted by Fermi on Fri, 12/06/2013 - 00:12

In reply to by Mark McD

Hi Mark,

it must be something to do with the system at home as it seems to work here at the office! But strange that it had been working at home till the day before yesterday!



Submitted by Mark McD on Fri, 12/06/2013 - 13:02

In reply to by Fermi

Hmm, interesting.  You didn't mention what browser you're using, but maybe a browser update occurred that is to blame?  Just guessing.  I've been keeping up with Firefox update, but a fairly recent one (version 24) played havoc with viewing PDFs in the browser, they just either don't work or take forever to open, so I just download them instead. Maybe Firefox 25 will fix my problem.  Are you on a Mac or PC platform?