Cold Hardy Hebe species/hybrids wanted

Submitted by Tingley on

I have had such good luck growing Hebe odora (syn. buxifolia), and Hebe pinguifolia var. pagei, that I am hunting for seed or cutting material for some of the other small leafed, and whipcord Hebe species/hybrids. There are few to no offerings in eastern Canadian nurseries.

If I have read the right literature, I understand that Hebe seed has a short viability? If so, I may need to look for cutting material. If any gardeners in British Columbia would be willing to share cuttings, it would be greatly appreciated!

Does anyone have, or know of a source for seed, or cutting material of any of the following species?

 Hebe annulata,H. buchananii,H. cockayniana, H. epacridea, H. haastii, H. hectorii, H. imbricata, H laingii, H. loganioides, 
 H. lycopodioides, H. masoniae, H. ochracea, H. pauciramosa, H. petriei, H. pimeloides, H. propinqua, H. rakaiensis
 H. (Heliohebe) raoulii, H. subalpina, H. topiaria.

It has been quite an education to see H, odora and H.pinguifolia var pagei  virtually sail through the past several winters here. We have had them in a northern sloped garden since 2010. Last winter our lowest temperature was -25 C(our climate zone rating was dropped to zone 5B!!). Both species emerged from the snow in spring without a blemish! Now I would like to test some other plants to see if they can survive/thrive.