Colchicum 2014

Submitted by Fermi on Fri, 03/21/2014 - 02:14

We grow a number of autumn flowering Colchicums and these are the latest.

This one we got as "Princess Astrid" - I think it's a form of Colchicum cilicium

Princess Astrid

This is a pale form of Colchicum cilicium

Colchicum cilicium - pale form




Autumn is in full swing here, Trond!

Today we went to see an amazing garden in the Strathbogie ranges North of Melbourne called 'Sunnymeade' - Craig is a NARGS member and he's devoted his life to creating this paradise.

This clump of Colchicum speciosum was particularly impressive,




A few more from our garden; this one is doing the rounds as "Mrs Craig's Colchicum" - Olive Craig was a past member of our club who I never got to meet,

Mrs Craig's Colchicum

Lilac Wonder initially and then in fuller bloom

Colchicum Lilac Wonder Colchicum Lilac Wonder

Likewise for the pale form of Colchicum cilicium

Colchicum cilicium pale form




Been enjoying the autumn colchicums, love the pale flowered C. cilicicum. We're at opposite extremes with Colchicum, the "glacial" ice layer is now receded off about 30% of my yard (just happened the last day or two) and already see lilac pink buds on C. doerfleri. Close to the warm south side of the house C. kesselringii forms have been trying to bloom, but it only rose above freezing two days ago, so the blooms are a bit beat up after a number of nights down to 12-14 F.

Submitted by HeLP on Sun, 04/06/2014 - 06:34

Colchicum hungaricum 'Velebit Star' I think, please advise if incorrect

I have reposted this image using Firefox - hope it works now


Harold, you didn't upload the image!


But it was there yesterday!



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I went into "edit" mode to see if, perhaps, the file image wasn't attached but it doesn't seem that any image is uploaded... ?

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It was originally uploaded, but the file has apparently gotten lost! 


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I can see it fine now and have been able to ever since it was posted originally, surprise

Hmm! very interesting, still there on my computer - using Google Chrome web browser on a linux machine.  Looked at it in edit mode and all appears normal.

This little one came up from a corm I found without a label. Not sure if it'll stay this small (it was a small corm - will it get bigger?); last pic with 6" pencil for scale

unknown little Colchicum unknown little Colchicum unknown little Colchicum with 6" pencil



This is another unlabeled colchicum which was grown from seed as one which should flower with its foliage - but it doesn't so I'm not sure what it is. It seems to be the same size as one I got as C. corsicum but is much more floriferous, but that might be it,