Campanula piperi

Submitted by Peter George on Sun, 09/14/2014 - 08:29

I picked up a Campanula piperi in Santa Fe and I'm amazed at the lack of information on the web about growing this plant. How do I grow this in New England?



Submitted by Jeremy on Sun, 09/14/2014 - 18:13

Both Crook and Nicholls recommend granitic compost with the top 5 cm grit only. May be lime intolerant. Naturally found in granitic fissures and scree. Crook says it isn't happy unless nestled against a rock. Both mention it is good in an alpine house. Wants water at the roots and dry at the crown. Deep pot. Be sure when trimming in spring that the brown stems really are dead. Propagate by seed in spring or fall and division in spring or summer.