Bulb Log Diary on SRGC website

Submitted by IMYoung on Thu, 05/17/2018 - 11:13

In 2003 Ian Young began to write a weekly diary for the  SRGC website  to share his experiences  with growing bulbs and  the continuing story of our garden.  Some years later, he has just published  the 800th Bulb Log Diary. All these are available  free on the  SRGC website.  Many will be aware of the  SRGC  aim of sharing information and encouraging  interest in  alpine, woodland plants and bulbs  as freely as possible, as with the  International Rock Gardener e-magazine and much more on the SRGC Site. 

Of course, NARGS  have followed SRGC in  providing a huge number of  back issues of the NARGS bulletin on line, in the same open fashion of SRGC.

Ian decided, rather than write a book for a well-known publisher, he would  make  his  "erythroniums in Cultivation" available online for  free.  This can be found  at this link


But back to the Bulb Log -  the 800th issue  can be found  here:


This is the 800th Bulb Log, online every week since January 2003.

The Bulb Log Diary covers a lot more than bulbs and this week Ian features Rhododendrons.

All 800 Bulb Logs can be found from this  page : http://www.srgc.org.uk/logs/index.php?log=bulb

We are aware that many  North American member s already read the  Bulb Log- but perhaps this will introduce it to some newer members! Enjoy!