Best time to visit Adelboden, Switzerland

Submitted by vanachterberg on

My daughter and I would like to visit Adelboden, Switzerland next summer. I know seasons vary, but when is the most likely time for peak alpine bloom? I am a good hiker, but may not make it to the mountain tops for eritrichium nanum, but would love to see gentians.



Submitted by Sellars on Fri, 11/09/2012 - 08:00


We like the first two weeks of July for the Bernese Oberland though of course some years can be different depending on the snowpack and spring temperatures. To get up to high alpine meadows I would suggest a side trip to the Grindelwald area.  You can get a multi-day pass to the train and ski-lift system which is wonderful for hiking as you can spend the whole day in the alpine zone instead of walking up.  With a pass you can also get a ride down on a different lift!