Begonia taliensis "marbled leaf form" (China, Sichuan province)

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Here are a few of my Begonia talienis 'marbled leaf form'. They are getting better and better every month it is a shame winter is coming. Now I have to wait to select the best ones to cross.


Submitted by Reed on Wed, 10/13/2010 - 00:00

I would bet you could get lots of the Begonia's that get bulbils to overwinter especially if you put a thick layer of leaves other them for the winter. I put a 12 inch layer of leaves over my Taro plants. It doesn't get warm fast enough here so I lay them on thick and it keeps them from going dormant all the way down to the bulbs the growing stems just sit there leafless till spring under the leaves and then I remove them as the temperature gets warmer in April or so.