Pre-Conference Garden Tour: Preview in Words and Pictures

Sun, 2020-01-05 08:56 -- gsparrow
5 Jan
Carol Eichler

I’ve tried to describe the three outstanding gardens featured in our pre-conference day trip. And where words may fail, the photos will serve to illustrate and hopefully pique your interest enough to join us on this bonus excursion on Thursday, June 18th. 


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Submitted by Carney on

Carol - The Alaska Rock Garden Group is following your Pre-Conference tour with jealousy that none of us will be able to attend this year.  We also enjoyed your article in the last NARGS Bulletin.  Our Newsletter editor, Charles Utermohle, would like to reprint it in our local Newsletter and asked that I solicite your permission.  I know you are more than busy right now, so appreciate any time you can give us.  He would also like to use your photos, with permission.  He would give full credit to all of the above.  He would like to do an article comparing your experience to the experience we had when doing the Annual/General Meeting here in Alaska.  Thanks for your consideration.  

Florene Carney


Alaska Rock Garden Society