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All of this year’s winning photographs are published here (except the winner of Class 1: The Rock Garden in Winter, which will be published, appropriately, in the Winter issue) and a selection of the entries that were highly commended. Among those not published here, some will be published in future issues. All round the standard was excellent with the judges being faced with very difficult decisions.

Congratulations are due to all those whose photographs were selected by the judges. Each of the winners will receive a free year’s membership to NARGS for someone of their choosing. Finally, thanks to the judges for their efforts.


Class 1: The Rock Garden in Winter

Winner - St Nick’s progress (Michael Heim)


Class 2: Portrait of a Plant in Cultivation

Winner - Ramonda myconi (David Sellars)

Highly Commended: Draba imbricata (Michal Hoppel) Gymnospermium albertii (John Willis) Chionodoxa luciliae (Merrill Jensen)


Class 3: Portrait of a Plant in the Wild

Joint Winners:

Silene hookeri (Curtis Kline)

Hamadryas kingii, Santa Cruz, southern Patagonia,

Argentina (Marcela Ferreyra)

Highly Commended: Castilleja nana, Pioneer Basin, John Muir Wilderness, Sierra Nevada, California (Don Selcer) Pedicularis densiflora, near Ashland, Oregon (Curt Kline) Rhodothamnus chamaecistus, Dolomites (David Sellars)


Class 4: Natural Scene with Plants Joint Winners:

Petrocallis pyrenaica and Androsace pubescens, Savoy Alps (Michał Hoppel)

Eriophorum vaginatum, Presidential Range, White Mountains, New Hampshire, Mt. Washington in background, (Albert Martin)

Highly Commended: Rainbow in the Steppe; Mountains in Patagonia; and Volcan Maipo Mountains, Mendoza (three entries by Marcela Ferreyra) Cimon Della Pala, Dolomites; Sella Group, Dolomites; and Langkofel, Dolomites (three entries by David Sellars)


Class 5: Close-up

Winner - Adonis amurensis ‘Chichibu Beni’ (John Willis)

Highly Commended Primula alpicola (Merrill Jensen) Potentilla nitida (David Sellars) Eriophorum vaginatum (Albert Martin)


Class 6: North American Native PLant

Winner - Echinocereus triglochidiatus var. gonacanthus (Merrill Jensen)

Highly Commended: Leutkea pectinata (David Sellars) Lichens on autoglass (Michael Heim)