Gardening with Glaciers

Sun, 2020-01-05 09:07 -- gsparrow
5 Jan
Bill Stark

MARY AND I garden on the edge of a glacier-cut canyon that’s over a thousand feet (300 m) deep. Over the thousands of years since the last glacier retreated from upstate New York, the canyon has filled with sediment and a trillion gallons of water to form Cayuga Lake. Ithaca and Cornell University, at the Southern end of the lake, will be the site of the 2020 NARGS Annual General Meeting and we will be on the garden tour. This article describes our gardens and some of the challenges we’ve faced creating them. Streams flow the 1,500 foot (457 m) length of the property and a variety of gardens are built on either side of the main stream. I’ll describe the gardens in the same order as the water flows.


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