Closing the Garden Gate

Sat, 2020-09-26 10:35 -- gsparrow
26 Sep
Bobby J. Ward

AS THE NARGS Executive Secretary, a position that includes handling memberships, I often receive notes from members telling me that, because they are downsizing, they will have no space to garden, and therefore are canceling their memberships. I've often wanted to write back, suggesting they reconsider, because apartments and condominiums can still be satisfying spaces for gardening. There are patios, porches, and decks that accommodate plants in troughs, pots, and other containers, as well as the indoors for houseplants. I've recently had success in developing such spaces and I hope my experience will inspire those who are thinking of downsizing.

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Submitted by redguitarrocker on

We get the same thing in the bonsai community, either because people are downsizing or are already living in a home with only a patio or balcony. I constantly point out that there's no need for a large space, just somewhere with light and air. I call it "Balcony Bonsai." Rock gardens in troughs are a very complimentary way to create a satisfying garden in a few square feet. We have both on our front porch, even though we also have a large bonsai garden - for now- in our backyard. In Silicon Valley where I live, more and more people will live in small spaces, so anything they can do to create a place for plants is worth exploring. Thanks for encouraging folks to think outside the box and into the trough!