Battling Clay on Garage Hill

Mon, 2020-06-22 11:37 -- gsparrow
22 Jun
Mike Smedley

To call it a “garage” would be an insult to outbuildings everywhere.
Constructed in the 1950s with two salvaged mismatched bay doors, this detached “garage” had dirt floors, no insulation, and a hole in the roof where someone obviously fell through. Inside, a lone light bulb offered all the charm of a Third World prison cell.

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Submitted by Mikkelsen on

Greetings Mike,

I have nearly the same situation in our garden ("War On Clay"), especially in the parking strip. I can assure you that I have kept Google in business by researching EVERY plant that is in the cottage and rocks gardens. My secret search (Google or whatever you like) to finding the detailed needs of hard-to-grow plants (like the Daphnes) is this example "Draba polytricha soil". 9 out of 10 times I'll be fortunate enough to find a website that contains detailed information on a particular species of plant regarding it's needs, wants and what it doesn't want. I haven't used expanded shale so maybe that's another amendment that I could try. Thanks for the info on that. So, I laid down a thick, repurposed advertising banner and moved a few tons of soil onto the advertising banner and then have been adding rocks, positioned just so and there are no more worries about clay.

Keep on planting!

J. Mikkelsen

Margin of the Great Basin Desert & Wasatch Mountains 4350' (1326m) elevation; Zone 5a - 6b; Only 3 miles from the moderating effects of The Great Salt Lake, Utah. 

J. Mikkelsen