Atypical Seeds in the Seed Exchange

Tue, 2019-07-02 10:30 -- gsparrow
2 Jul
Carol Clark
Gabriela Costea
Anna Leggatt
Seed moist-packed in vermiculite. Photo by Gabriela Costea

REVIEWING THE DONATIONS to our recent seed ORG&HPS (Ontario Rock Garden & Hardy Plant Society) exchange brought to mind the problem of non-viable seed. It’s disappointing when the seeds you ordered don’t germinate. What might have gone wrong?


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Submitted by Stireman on

Acantholimons are notorious for setting few or no seed at all. What is donated to the exchanges is a lot of empty 'parachutes.' A parachute can be pulled apart to determine if the slender, spindle shaped seed is actually there. One can go through hundreds of parachutes without ever finding a seed. When there is good seed, it germinates easily at room temperature and will be viable for several years.


Submitted by Vaxvick on

Should I snip off the long pappus of a clematis, or similar, seed prior to packaging for the seed exhange?

Linda Vaxvick in Calgary, Alberta