Adirondack Chapter Builds a Public Rock Garden

Sun, 2020-01-05 09:20 -- gsparrow
5 Jan
Carol Eichler

As I look upon our Adirondack Chapter’s public rock garden, the Al Wurster Memorial Rock Garden built in 2000 and 2001, I’m still in awe of this monumental project that we undertook 20 years ago. The garden continues to be a showpiece today. Based on our experience, I believe your chapter could accomplish a similar project. And should you decide to tackle such a challenge, let me share some key components that were vital to its creation and on-going upkeep. 


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Submitted by Carney on

There are many parallels between this rock garden and the one we have been working on for the last fifteen or so years at the Alaskla Botanical Garden in Anchorage. You have done a beautiful job there.  The Alaska Rock Garden Society would like to have permission to reprint Carol Eichler's article 
"Adirondack Chapter Builds a Public Rock Garden" in our local Newsletter.   Charles, Utermohl, our Newsletter editor, feels it would be a good read for our membership to see that we aren't alone!  Do I need to contact Carol directly?  Do we need permission from NARGS as well?  Thanks for your assistance.

Florene Carney

President, Alaska Rock Garden Society