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I received these seeds as Arabis blepharophylla from the 2014-15 seed ex. This is the plant blooming for the first time, and I don't think it is A.b.  It started as a 4" rosette in its first season. Flowering stems are about 8-10".

This looks like an arabis, but I am not sure which one.  Thanks for any help.


If my images are not showing up, please let me know. I chose embedded images and uploaded 2, but this is my first time doing this. I do not see them with the post when I load it.




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Cathy, as a forum moderator I finished adding your photos that you uploaded.  You're almost there!  All you need to do (in addition) next time to get them to show is have the cursor in the text box where you want the photo to be, then click the "insert" button under your already uploaded photo.  Welcome to the forum!


Sorry, can't help you with a positive ID.  I just don't know my Arabis....

It certainly looks like the regular species form of Arabis blepharophylla (as opposed to, say, some of the more compact cultivars/selections) and seems to fit the description (attached).

Here's a description and also a line drawing illustration of the plant: