Anemonopsis: when to harvest and sow seeds

Submitted by Walker on Sat, 09/14/2019 - 19:04

I acquired  Anemonopsis macrophylla this summer and noticed today that it has developed a fair number of seed pods. I’m sure ‘pods’ is not the correct term but hopefully those of you familiar with Anemonopsis will know what I mean. I’d like to harvest the seeds and sow them. How can I tell when the seeds are ripe and ready to harvest? And as for sowing, I’ve read a number of different approaches, but I’m leaning toward sowing the fresh seed in individual pots (to avoid damaging the fragile roots later) and overwintering outdoors. Is this a sound plan? 


Submitted by HeLP on Sun, 09/15/2019 - 05:07

keep a close eye on the seed pods and as soon as they sart to open collect the seed and sow immediately (they make a lot of seed).  Sowing in individual pots seems a bit over the top as I have successfully grown these from seed sowing in the usual manner of spreading them over the pot evenly.  the delicate part is allowing the seedlings to bulk up before transplanting into individual pots-they are slow to develop so patience is the key.  yes, sowing immediately and placing the pot on the north side of a structure seems the best approach unless you have a germination refrigerator and heated greenhouse or some such arrangement in you home somewhere-good luck

although anemonopsis produce a lot of seed, I have never had them self-seed, but a friend in Massachusetts gets a l;ot of self seed volunteers, don't know what she does differently