addresses and phone numbers included in member info here?

Submitted by Lori S. on Fri, 06/14/2013 - 23:21



I find it a little disturbing that my address and phone number are included here in my user info.  I assume only I can see it, but doesn't NARGS have some other means of keeping this info than on this forum site itself?  If I delete it from here, is it still retained by NARGS in some other way?

How secure is this site?  

It sort of makes me wonder when I see that someone who supposedly calls themself "doloresqxpvlcfukejsm" has just joined.  Hmmm, doesn't exactly sound like a rock gardener to me....  ;-)

Just looking for some reassurance...
Lori Skulski
P.S. Also, what's with the variable fonts that I'm seeing?  These show up while typing the message - the first part is a very large font while the latter part is small.  After the message is "Saved", it all appears at the same font.


Submitted by Mark McD on Sat, 06/15/2013 - 06:42

Lots and lots of issues to work out here, I already have 5 pages or more of issues and questions that need addressing or clarification.  All of the FAQ style procedures we developed on the old SMF forum will need redoing for this venue.

I checked your user info, even as an Admin I can't see your address and phone number, so I believe you can only see your own information.  For all the questions, concerns, and issues you encounter, jot them down into a text document, with screen captures when helpful to do so, and send that document to the email group we've been using (with Daniel Dillon in that group), to start a dialog on issues and fixes.  I plan on doing the same, saving them up into "batches" so that we're not sending off small questions constantly and having them get lost in teh shuffle.  Voicing the concerns in this board is good too.  I have to be out most of today, but hope to get off my first round of questions and concern to the group tonight.

The "doloresqxpvlcfukejsm" user is indeed a spammer (from Luxembourg), doesn't surprise me a bit, as the self-registration and thin security protection of a "Captcha" code only prevents "spambots", it does not stop individuals willing to take the 6 seconds it takes to fill in the capcha field.  The mechanism to thwart these spammers is to be on the lookout for spammy messages from these logins, then use the "Report!" function, a background utility called "Mollum" evaluates language and activity, and should start "learning" about spammers to block, or so I'm told.  I will ask Daniel if it's possible to have the user's IP address display to the moderators, so that using the 3 bits of info (username, email address, and most importantly IP address) can be used in spam-lookup utilities, to block such users.

Not sure about the variable fonts in the message editing window you report, I haven't noticed that, but will take a look at this later on.

Gorgeous sunny brisk spring day today, have to go to a BBQ today, would much rather be working in the garden.