2024 Winter Study Extended Weekend Registration



There is some ambiguity on the registration form that may add an additional fee on top of the event price.

Zeffy does not charge the Western Chapter of NARGS a fee for your online registration. 

However, Zeffy does charge you a fee in a default “donation box” which you can avoid

The Western Chapter have not yet managed to prevent the Zeffy “donation box” from populating itself with their full 10% +-fee.  Please watch for this.

Add a fee in the Zeffy “donation box” only if you desire to donate to Zeffy.  Zero is fine.

There is a separate box for donating to the Western Chapter of NARGS if you wish to additionally offset Western Chapter meeting expenses. 

Here is the flow when you select Register pointing out the charge:

landing page

Donate to the chapter


Here is their default setting which you can change!

Note Zeffy

select other

zero it out


Now you can proceed with your payment method. Note there is no option for checks.

Click here to register

Western Chapter Website

Friday, March 8 – Monday, March 11
Check-in at hotel Thursday evening, March 7
Cosponsors: Western Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society | Regional Parks Botanic Garden

Total number of all registrants limited to 100. First come, first served!

Hotel prices are discounted only through February 7, 2024.

Questions? Email the Western Chapter.

Click below to download the flyer: