2014 Annual General Meeting in Sante Fe, New Mexico

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Has the dates been selected yet ??


Submitted by Ben Burr on Tue, 11/05/2013 - 08:19

Please go to About Us > NARGS Meetings.  The last week of August is all the information we have been given.

I was grateful to receive the following information about the AGM :


"The NARGS Annual General Meeting is scheduled for the 28th
through the 30th of August in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We have made an unusual
effort to provide NARGS members with a spectacular venue, an interesting and
botanically rich locale, and an ideal time to meet for us in the Northern
Hemisphere.  We hope that our efforts will lead to a successful and memorable
event and that the meeting gets the kind of participation it deserves. The
American Southwest is unusual in that the summer rains bring a burst of bloom
to the New Mexico region in late summer, and the rains this year have been
reliable, leading to a high level of optimism about the flowering of the
native flora in late August. The hotel is beautiful and luxurious, the meals
and programs will be enjoyable, and the Santa Fe chapter is arranging day
trips and garden tours.  The chapter deserves our thanks and our support for
making this meeting possible. So please take a few minutes, go the NARGS.org
website, look over the information about the meeting, and give strong
consideration to attending.

"Early bird" registration for the Santa Fe AGM will expire on June 30.
Beginning July 1 the registration will increase to $350.  Registration closes
August 24.  Please go to Registration for details.

The next copy of the Rock Garden Quarterly (being mailed next week), which will
feature at least one article about the Santa Fe area, its gardens and its

Peter George, NARGS President  "

I am not able to attend but I certainly appreciated the reminder about the early bird registration - anyone planning a trip to this event should get moving!

Sounds like a great place to have the AGM, I must say. Enjoy, fellow members!

All details here : https://www.nargs.org/santa-fe-annual-general-meeting

As mentioned a few days ago on the SRGC forum  ( http://www.srgc.net/forum/index.php?topic=11957.msg311969#msg311969 )  new NARGS president  Matt Mattus has written in his blog about the AGM and there are some photos on Facebook .

A little disappointing, perhaps,  that no mention has been made here, where so many NARGS  members can gather.

Submitted by Peter George on Sun, 09/14/2014 - 07:58

The meeting was a success from all perspectives. I'm going to ask some of the attendees to post photos of the spectacular gardens we visited, and I think you'll be impressed. The climate is perfect for the dryland westerners we lust for here in New England, and the gardeners in Santa Fe know how to grow them. I'll be back later with some comments and maybe a few pics.