2014-2015 Seed Exchange Now Open

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Hi All,

Just a quick note to let everyone know the seed exchange is now open to members. Please read the instructions for ordering on 'Ordering Information - Read First' page. If you need a pdf or txt file of the seed list look for them on the 'Downloadable Seed Files" page.

The photo on this year's seed list cover is of Trillium flexipes hybrid from my garden that was originally collected in SE Michigan. And yes there is seed of it in the list...seed #2415.

Good luck with your seed orders!





you start at the end and work backwards!

System worked well but differently at the work computer (in my breaks) and then at home. Not sure why.

When I opened the site at home it took me awhile to work out to go to my log-in page to be able to edit my list to complete it and send it off.

With the deteriorating Aussie $ and the PayPal charges it came to just over AUD$19 so still pretty cheap! cheers fermi

Submitted by Lori S. on Fri, 12/26/2014 - 14:11

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The seed exchange was terrific once again!  Thanks to all whose hard work makes this possible!

Submitted by Fermi on Tue, 01/27/2015 - 04:52

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Seedex package arrived today!

only missed out on one first choice - now to try to germinate them all!

Thanks to all the hard working team,



Submitted by RPavlis on Wed, 01/28/2015 - 11:55

Got my seeds. is there any way to see my order? I'd like figure out which 2 nd choices I did not get.


Got my seeds. is there any way to see my order? I'd like figure out which 2 nd choices I did not get.


Yes.  When you are logged in:

--- Click on your user name in your post or at the top right of any page. 

--- Then click on the "Orders" tab

--- In the Order # column, click on the order number or the "veiw order" icon.

--- The payment invoice shows, and click on the order id (different than the order number).

I apologize for the difficulty of this system.  I had clicked around in circles myself to find the answer.

Submitted by hepatica on Wed, 01/28/2015 - 13:41

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A slightly easier way to view your seed order is to go to your user page by clicking on your username in the top right of the web page as Rick suggests. Then on your user page go down just below the yellow section to the section titled 'Seedex Order - Main Round'. Click on "2014 Seed Exchange Order" (it doesn't look like a hyperlink, but it is) and you will be taken to the page with your seed order listed. This is also how you can find your order if you have saved it but did not finish it yet, or if you want to see last year's order.

Also, as a quick reminder - February 5th is the final day for the Main round ordering, so if you haven't taken advantage of the great selection of seeds you still have time! The Surplus round will not begin until March 1st.






I was wondering about this myself.  Thank you both for addressing it.

Trying it just now, I am not seeing what you describe, Laura.  There's no such section underneath the yellow area, as I see it.  Rick's method does work, though.

EDIT:  Laura is looking into why my view seems to be different.  Laura's instructions will probably work for most people.  If not, please follow Rick's!

Submitted by RickR on Thu, 01/29/2015 - 18:35

I am not seeing Laura's description either.  I have a PC, and it doesn't show on Firefox or IE. 

With this system, maybe somehow it's because Lori and I are moderators?

Hi Rick,

I think it is more likely because the Seedex order hyperlink section is created when the order is first saved. So if you finish entering your order and submit it without needing to click on the 'Save for later' button, the link isn't created. This link is also the way members can get back in to finish their order later.




Submitted by RPavlis on Sun, 02/08/2015 - 12:45

Question about 2 nd round of ordering. Does NARGS produce a new list of available seeds, or do we just use the original list?

We will provide a revised list of seeds for the Surplus round comprised of the seed numbers still remaining so you will know what seeds may still be available for ordering, The webpage Seed List with the Google links will show only the Surplus seeds when the ordering goes live on March 1st. We will also have downloadable .pdf and .txt files of just the Surplus Seed List as well as of the full list on the Downloadable Seed List Files page.

There is still a lot of great seed left so be sure to check out the Surplus List on March 1st when it is posted and get your Surplus order in quickly - orders are filled first come - first served in the Surplus round and it is only open until March 20th.


Submitted by Tingley on Mon, 02/09/2015 - 09:03

I have a question about the exchange: I received two packets of the same species (a second choice- not flagged as a priority) as replacements for two first choice picks. Does this happen very often, and how might it be avoided in the future? I gave the duplicate packet to a colleague this time around.

Hi Gordon,

I don't know specifically what happened to your order fill - I won't receive the copies of the order forms until later this week. The instructions for filling orders are clear about how to fill with alternates when a first choice packet is sold out, but many volunteers worked in the first 3 days of order filling, some for only one day and they may not have paid close attention to what the priority boxes on alternate choices meant. Usually the order filling groups have a separate person check and prepare the order for mailing to catch any errors, but it evidently wasn't caught in your case.

I am so sorry your order was not filled as it was supposed to be - I'll take a look at your order form when I receive them from the Piedmont Chapter and email you privately if I find any reason other than the volunteer just misunderstood instructions for choosing alternates.