Double flowering Lewisia cotyledon

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Double flowering Lewisia cotyledon

This plant is rarely seen in nurseries and unless in flower I would hesitate to buy it. Can a member direct me to a reliable source for this plant? I have seen it most offered as 'Praline' but have seen it offered with other names, like a Sunset Strain double, which to my knowledge does not exist. I would truly love to add it to my collection before they come in to bloom this year so I want to do this asap. Perhaps I might find a member with a previously bloomed plant that would be confirmed authentic. I might have something to trade but would gladly purchase. Thanks. Micheal

Mark McD
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Hello Michael, welcome to NARGS Forum.

I did a brief Google search and found a nursery with a pretty good listing of Lewisia, including some semi-doubles; it is Big Dipper Farm in Black Diamond, Washington, east of Tacoma.

Here's a link to their Lewisia offerings.

Mark McDonough Massachusetts, USA, near the New Hampshire border USDA Zone 5 antennaria at  

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