Ornamental grasses

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Lori S.
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Ornamental grasses

Did I hear a request for a thread just on grasses... ? ??? I'm sure I did! :D

I'll kick this off with an alpine-ish one (although, as you can see, I am just growing it in the border), Festuca gautieri syn. scoparia 'Pic Carlit'. This photo is old (2007), and the two plants are rather larger now. It's a very prickly grass... that and the nicely-rounded shapes always put me in mind of two big hedgehogs crouching beside the path!

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You heard, right.I didn't look twice at grasses before but in the last years have I planted some, not only lawn(!), in my garden. I have had a hunch for big grasses, Bamboos, though.

The fescue pillows look nice to sit down on!

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