Tulipomania in Lakewood

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Tulipomania in Lakewood

In recent years a tremendous number of amazing civic gardens have sprung up around the West, mostly funded by municipalities or water providers to show people how to garden with less irrigation. You can read more about these at this URL: http://www.plantselect.org/map.php. Many of these gardens have turned out very well, and one in particular is stunning most any time of the year. The Garden at Kendrick Lake is several acres in extent, filled with perennials (many of them bona fide alpines) and this garden is truly a mass of color from the herbaceous plants from May to autumn frost. They have extended the season earlier in the spring with a wonderful display of species and near species bulbs. Their tulips are especially gratifying. I am appending pictures I took two weeks ago: pretty wonderful, aren't they?

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I am not astonished they have tulipomania, I almost have myself but can't let it loose due to difficulties growing the best species. Therefore it is a pleasure to look at your pictures!

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Fantastic!  They look great sprouting from the tan gravel and stone, love the T. clusiana, that form of T. batalinii seems extra compact or "chunky", nice, and the T. vvedenskyi are practically weedy!

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Great show at Kendrick..I recall they were all blooming last year in late March...things are late this season in Denver compared to last year!

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