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Photo Gallery Question

Some thoughts while stating to download pictures: 1. I guess it is not possible to change the caption of a photo once it has been downloaded?2. I'm glad the rock garden scenes has been broken into sub-galleries, but I wonder if I should be broken down further: Northeast USA, Midwest, Arid States, Pacific States, Europe, Asia, and Australia and New Zealand and others.Should there be sub-galleries for certain important gardens: Stonecrop immediately comes to mind, but here in the NE USA we also had the Foster garden, the Singer Charlesworth garden and the Redfield's garden and others?Might Denver merit it's own sub-gallery? or sub-sub-galley?Charles Swanson MA USA

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Hi Charles,

We (I) try to keep the galleries as straight forward as possible.  Sub-Subgalleries start to get things a little sticky.  Your Joe Pye (is is Pie or Pye?) Weed garden pics could be (and I have moved them) placed in the rock garden gallery under scenes.  That is where I have put pictures of rock gardens in general...whether private of botanical gardens. 

Any mistakes you make when uploading can be brought to my admin, I can change them.  I did delete a pic of yours as I did not know what it was and you gave it no name..and it did not seem to belong anywhere in was a rather tall salmon-orange plant something like a Verbascum on steroids.

I also corrected the spelling on your Asphodeline.  BTW, thanks for adding images!


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ToddThanks for you assistance.Charles

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And welcome to the forum, Charles!  Pop in anytime!

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