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Online access to Quarterly

Just got my first quarterly, and wanted to check the online content, but can't access it without a membership number, which I cannot find. Is it printed on the packaging for the hard copy of the bulletin? If so, I'm out of luck as it probably went out with the trash!

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You are not the first one! However last time I remembered that I needed the wrapping so I went out in the bin and got it before the bin was emptied ;D

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Peter George
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email Bobby Ward at and you'll have it almost instantly.

Peter George, Petersham, MA (north central MA, close to the NH/VT borders), zones 5b and 6 around the property.

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I finally recorded my membership number in a computer text file, and like others have mentioned, the first time I encountered the problem I had to rummage through the trash to retrieve the wrapper.

I've been intended on writing again regarding the online NARGS Rock garden Quarterly, but I love the experience and actually prefer it to the hardcopy; guess I'm a sucker for those catchy page-turning sounds ;)  But I also really like the ability to zoom in on the plant photos, came in handy when studying those exquisite South American rosulate violets with intricately netted leaves.

For the few back issues that are posted as PDFs, you can also download those PDFs and send them to friends and fellow gardeners, maybe to show them the joys of rock gardening and fantastic native mountain plants, might result in membership recruitment.

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Thanks Peter, done, and done!

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