Fall colour in the rock garden

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Lori S.
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Fall colour in the rock garden

After a solid 18 days of gloom, rain, sleet and snow, we are finally back to seasonal temperatures and sunshine! :D1) Gentiana cachemerica (foreground) and Potentilla nivea2) Betula nana 'Ingwerson's Form' ex. Norway3) Heterotheca jonesii just won't quit, and now sports a few orange flowers and buds (rather than yellow)4) Betula pumila5) Androsace chamaejasme (foreground) and Silene saxifraga6) Sempervivum 'Ruby Heart'7) A couple of odd, late-blooming stems on Penstemon whippleanus

Mark McD
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I like em all Lori, very nice.  The color on Androsace chamaejasme is rich indeed, looking so sempervivum like.  Looks like Sempervivum 'Ruby Heart' is glowing.

Mark McDonough Massachusetts, USA, near the New Hampshire border USDA Zone 5 antennaria at aol.com  

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Very cool pics, Lori.  The androsace is especially enticing.

Minnesota Betula pumila fall color is a very dark maroon-purple.  Books say they like moist places, but here they like very wet places.  We have variety glandulifera.

Rick Rodich    zone 4a.    Annual precipitation ~24 inches near Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Your early autumn colour is bewitching, Lori ...

Cliff Booker A.K.A. Ranunculus On the moors in Lancashire, U.K. Usually wet, often windy, sometimes cold ... and that's just me!

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The next days you will have up to 22C, Lori, and that's more than we usually have in the summer!

The Androsace has my vote too.Does the 'Ingwerson's Form' always get this color? In the wild B. nana can be brown, red or yellow depending on the fall weather and where it is growing.

Trond Rogaland, Norway - with cool, often rainy summers  (29C max) and mild, often rainy winters (180 cm/year)!

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We had our first frost (not killing) last night but today was glorious and 15 C.  Suppose to rain the rest of the week but temps will be 16-20 C so I'll tolerate the rain.  Not much fall colours here yet..only the Betula pumila in the BG is showing any fall colour at this stage.

Todd Boland St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada Zone 5b 1800 mm precipitation per year

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