FABULOUS new alpine nurseries...

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FABULOUS new alpine nurseries...

I suppose they aren't new to most of you, but I was just out in Portland, Oregon for a Perennial Plant Association meeting and on Wednesday night we had many nurseries selling plants. There were a NUMBER of fabulous nurseries there, and two had an INCREDIBLE assortment of alpine plants. And They Sell Mail Order!

Do check out Edelweiss Nursery in Canby: http://www.edelweissperennials.com/index.aspx

Also Wild Ginger Farm in Beavercreek, Oregon: www.WildGingerFarm.com

With the very sad closing of Seneca Perennials, it was a great comfort to find two top notch nurseries that offer a wide palette of choice plants.

And don't forget www.cistus.com: Sean Hogan does not have many high alpines, but he has everything else you can imagine.

Good news, eh? (I suppose you will tell me you've known these places all the while..)

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Well, Edelweiss, yes, but only because it's a copycat name (or is it vice versa?) of Josef Braeu's nursery in Duluth, MN.

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There are not a lot of nurseries that cater to rock gardeners in North America, and most of us are familiar with Wrightman's, Beaver Creek, Evermay, Arrowhead, and the more general nurseries that sell some rock garden plants through the mail to our fellow crackpots. One of the new ones (reconstructed out of the destruction of H & H) is Broken Silo in Michigan, which I've found to offer excellent plants at very good prices. My recent order came in 2 days, and each plant was well packed, large, and exactly as advertised. His selection is eclectic, and he stocks quite a few plants that are not available elsewhere, which is always of value to those of us looking for the rarities nobody else has. John is a character, and some people have been put off by his edgy sense of humor, but I am willing to put up with his eccentricities as long as he provides me with great plants at very competitive prices. His website is: bsnursery.com. John is easy to work with, and I recommend him and his nursery with enthusiasm.

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