Building a new tufa garden looking for input

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Building a new tufa garden looking for input

HelloI am back to this group after a few years absence, I am building my second tufa garden in a new house and looking for ideas. The last garden was large boulders in a terraced front yard, this time it is a smaller area bordered by two edgest of patio and grass, in what can be best described as a quarter of an oval shape.I have laid the stones out already, they slope slightly backwards, but after reading more on this forum and elsewhere I think I would like to angle the rocks more in a crevice-like arrangement, and slope a scree slope back towards the point. I think I may have to place the rocks at a 45 degree angle at the bottom but then how do I plan the next concourse? I will post some pictures here hope the link works. Thanks for your suggestions! Although this is my second tufa garden I still consider myself a newbie.