AGS China Expedition, 1994 - plant list needed

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Lori S.
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AGS China Expedition, 1994 - plant list needed

Does anyone know how to find the list of plants that were collected from the AGS China Expedition of 1994?  A forumist here is looking for this information.

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A report of the Expedition can be found in the AGS Bulletin 1996 Vol 64 Pages 122-266 but don't know if it included listing of collections made.

David Nicholson in Devon, UK  Zone 9b

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I posted my query on the Scottish Rock Garden Club forum, asking about specific "Primula sp." items in the collection.  I got my answer from Alan Elliott.  Now to see if I can grow any of them!

Claire Cockcroft Bellevue, Washington Zone 7-8

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