Website Administrative and Editorial Roles

Wed, 2013-10-30 15:57 -- Ben Burr

Developer: Update security patches and execute some functional and design changes.

Site Administrator: Manage and execute some functional and design changes, assign permissions, and add, change or remove content types.

Membership Administrator (NARGS Executive Secretary):  Maintain membership records, prepare reports, and e-mail membership.

Editor: The Editor has primary responsibility for web content and for marketing NARGS on the web.  The Editor will initiate and manage editorial content changes.  The Editor will receive and evaluate requests, assign editorial tasks to Content Editors and approve content created by Content editors. 

Content Editors: Add, change, and remove content for assigned pages.

Forum Moderator: Post announcements, remove unwanted posts, approve non-member logins, and ban unwanted users.

Members (Users): Members can login to the site to view and download member-restricted material and to make contributions to the News, Events, Forum and pages to which they have been assigned access.  Members are encouraged to update their membership profiles.